Who are we?

Delta 3 was set up by Bart De Swaef. After 25 years in communication, he was overcome by the urge to take on a new challenge. In spring 2007 he sold his share of Modulo to his partners and went off to fulfil new dreams.

In the course of those 25 years, Bart had seen that there were still plenty of gaps in the communication business. Far too many aspects of it were being tackled with a lack of professionalism, and there are two reasons for this. Many clients lack the necessary expertise to be able to interact dynamically with their external partners, usually because they cannot bear the burden of employing a full-time communication manager. Secondly, many communication tools – websites, presentations, internal communication, e-communication, events, incentives – are not included in the range offered by standard agencies.

Delta 3 focuses particular attention on incentives, for two reasons. Firstly, they are usually offered as glorified group travel, largely disregarding the ultimate aim, which is to cement ties with and motivate customers or staff. Secondly, organising and travel are two of Bart’s passions, and they are also reflected in his staff.

Delta 3 is small, very small, but is encircled by a powerful network of external partners in every field, built up with love over 25 years.

Let’s get together and talk. You will be excited by our expertise and professional zeal.

What Delta 3 can do for your organisation:

  • analysing your present communication operations and resources
  • drawing up and implementing a communication plan
  • selecting, briefing and supervising external partners
  • drawing up estimates and budgets
  • organising events and incentives together with external partners
  • briefing, following-up and supervising advertising campaigns